Bocholt Biosphäre 3

All photos © Joop van Reeken

1st place goes to the creative team of the Diepenbrockschule with 10 participating pupils under the guidance of teacher Britta Baum. The 8 and 9 year old children from the 2nd and 3rd classes created the “Bocholt Biosphäre 3”.

Their project description says: “To protect the people of Bocholt from climate change, air pollution and corona in the future, Bocholt will be covered by huge glass houses.” In their accompanying text, the children describe future Bocholt life in detail: “To help people from other countries learn German, there is also a school here for German lessons. There is a large kitchen where people can get together to cook. Here people who have moved to Bocholt from other countries can show what there is to eat in their countries and everyone can help with the cooking and, of course, with the food.” The pupils also dealt with current problems. “Unfortunately, due to climate change, there is now desert outside Bocholt. But the people of Bocholt are now using that for solar panels. Electricity is made from the solar energy. With this, all residents can then heat very cheaply.”

At the end, the description of the work says that Bocholt residents can live well here because water, electricity and food are very cheap, which is why there is no poverty. “Many people even have money left over. They donate that to poor countries so they can buy vaccines with it and Corona is finally over.”