“Wir, Bocholt und die Welt”

All photos © Joop van Reeken

The silver podium was climbed by the 24 technical design assistants (GTA – Gestaltungstechnische Assisteninnen und Assistenten) of the vocational school Berufskolleg Bocholt-West with their miniature world under the title: “Wir, Bocholt und die Welt“. Together they worked as a “WE”. “Every ME, every individual of this class is a part of the whole, rooted in BOCHOLT through the common school and an inhabitant of this WORLD.”

Their artwork shows a fantastic Bocholt world, in which not only the special features of the city have their place, but also hanging glass bubbles symbolising the future with wishes “from us, for ME, for the city of BOCHOLT and for the WORLD. Bubbles can burst and new encounters and a new social coexistence can emerge from the closed worlds: This is our future, these are our wishes for US: figuratively realised in our project: ME, BOCHOLT and the WORLD.” The creative pupils were accompanied by teachers Jutta Bone and Christina Rakoczy.