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Textile installation

Artist: Vagaram Choudhary

Jodhpur (Rajasthan), India

Painting, installation, video art



Excerpts from the project idea:

“I am interested in what different community with live as well as observe what nature differences see as art within their place history and within their character. As an artist I have always had to invent and create from scratch, that is, from found native materials / objects / events, using surrounding as a my starting point.

I would like be create that have been made to improve the visual interaction between local community and Bocholt  historical manner. I will continuing my practice and investigation to create a ‘Panorama’ of Bocholt’s community.

‘Panorama’ will be create with community all age. Creating a community base community art installation is an activity that can bring local residents together to create unity. Focusing on subjects or values that are shared among everyone like hope, friendship, or memories; to create installation that can be word or object, that would be relate with word or object the Bocholt’s textile history of  town.”

Photo (sketch) © Vagaram Choudhary
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