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Augmented reality sculptures

Artist: Vera DG

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Modern Calligraffiti, augmented and virtual reality art



Excerpts from the project idea:

“I, Vera DG, will create special for the OpenSpace 800 five augmented reality sculptures. We setup QR codes in public space OpenSpace 800.

AR (augmented reality ) will open via in Instagram (or Facebook) App on the mobile phones of visitors, so viewer don’t need to upload special applications on their mobile phones in order to be able to see the artworks. They just scan QR code and see artworks near them appearing through their back camera view. They can interact, they can shoot photo or video and share in social media with Geotags.

For me, the visual image is always very important and very musical. In my artworks I unite both directions of Calligraphy – Western in Eastern, in the unique extraordinary way, combining abstract Calligraffiti with portrait and figurative painting. I believe that art is changing the world and I am part of this global beautiful process.”

Photo © Vera DG
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