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Wuxi, China (twin town Bocholt)

Traditional Chinese painting and drawing

Workshop Space: Atelier Wuxi (instead of Kunsthaus)

Title: Life in the city of Bocholt

Chinese painting and drawing

Photo © Joop van Reeken

Zhenzhen Gu works at the “Wuxi Art Museum” (Institute for Painting and Calligraphy) in the city of Wuxi (PR China), which is a twin town of Bocholt. She applied for OPEN SPACES 800 with the idea: “Life in the city of Bocholt” – depicted in a combination of traditional Chinese painting and drawing as well as abstract painting.

“During the pandemic, we can see the impact all over the world, and everyone is confronted with life and death. I am a painter who specializes in studying plants in traditional Chinese paintings. I hope to show the relationship between the city and nature through my observations and my paintings in ancient Chinese ink series. I also hope that through my works, viewers can relate to the relationship between people and life, and I hope that my works can give people a vision of the future.” The artist summarizes her thoughts.

Zhenzhen Gu would have liked to come to OPEN SPACES 800 in person, but the regulations on the corona pandemic in China in September 2021 prevented the artist from travelling to Germany. Nevertheless, she did not want to cancel her participation. Therefore, the artist decided to paint the picture “Life in the City of Bocholt” in her studio in Wuxi during the official workshop period. Since the OPEN SPACES 800 art project was fortunate enough to be able to continue at the LWL TextilWerk until 31 October 2021, the artist sent the finished painting to Bocholt. In the exhibition space of the SPINNEREI, the fine painting by Zhenzhen Gu then joined the other fourteen OS800 artworks.

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