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Photography and installation

Artist: Judith Nothnagel

Hamminkeln, Germany

Media art, photography, painting, installation


Excerpts from the project idea:

“With my works, I want to explore artistic-photographic-installative approaches during the workshop that range from yesterday to today to the utopian. That is ‘BOH_Topia’.

In doing so, I use my self-developed photographic style, in which I take pictures in the area and digitally process them on the computer in a painterly way. Sensory, imaginary and visionary worlds of images are created in this way. Real places, such as the TextilWerk or the bridge to the Textile Museum, are hinted at and transformed into enigmatic utopian-natural urban landscapes.

The installation, photography and spatial mapping ‘BOH_Topia’ in the SPACE KUNSTHAUS: It would be conceivable to present the large-scale photographs produced on photographic paper – in interaction with an installation of real native plants, brought together from the surrounding area. (…) Together with the photographs on the wall, the viewer experiences with every step how the virtual from the photograph becomes a sensitive experience of time and space. The photographic installation opens up new positions of vision and food for thought.

All working steps can be followed by the visitors. If they inspire the visitors to their own comments and visions, these can be discussed with me and/or captured on ready-made ‘vision sheets’. These will then be incorporated into the presentation if necessary.”

Photo (sketch) © Judith Nothnagel
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