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Hamminkeln/Düsseldorf, Germany

Media art, photography, painting, installation

Workshop Space: Kunsthaus

Title: BOH_Topia

Photography and installation

Photo © Joop van Reeken

“With my works, I want to explore artistic-photographic-installative approaches during the OPEN SPACES 800 workshop days that range from yesterday to today to the utopian. The series of works is called ‘BOH_Topia’,” Judith Nothnagel describes her art project.

The artist uses her self-developed photographic style in which she takes photos in the area and then digitally processes the photos on the computer in the style of a painting. In this way, she creates imaginary to visionary pictorial worlds: “Real places, such as the TextilWerk or the podium bridge leading to the Textilmuseum Weberei are hinted at and transformed into enigmatic utopian-natural urban landscapes.”

In the Kunsthaus, where the artist was working on “BOH_Topia”, she brought together the emerging series of photographic works in the form of an installation: four large-format photographs were created … in front of them silver foils reminiscent of solar cells … real, native plants taken from the present established the reference to the real world. “Together with the photographs on the wall, the viewer experiences with each step how the photographic vision becomes a sensitive experience of time and space. The work opens up new positions of vision and food for thought,” Judith Nothnagel tells us.

During the workshop days, visitors could follow all the working steps. The artist had brought her computer and a presentation screen with her and thus provided insights into the computer techniques she uses to be able to create her visionary images. Visitors were also invited to create their own sketches and ideas for Bocholt via a map designed in the same style: “Space for Utopian Thinking”.

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