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Wooden sculpture

Artist: Georg Paar

Bocholt, Germany


Workshop/Exhibition-SPACE: KUBAAI GROUNDS

Excerpts from the project idea:

“My theme is building bridges.

My work is meant to show that deep trenches exist and are being drawn in parts of our society. Our world is becoming more distant in interpersonal terms, the individual is the measure of all things.

The words: solidarity and cooperation have almost disappeared in everyday speech.

But my work also shows bridges that make it possible to overcome cast-out trenches. Bridges show paths, visually and mentally. Where they lead has been left up to the people. Leaving the diversions, the direct path across the bridge. Overcoming the ditches to the opposite.”

Photo (sketch) © Georg Paar


21.09.21: Schönheit im Detail! Foto: Joop van Reeken

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