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Bocholt, Germany


Workshop Space: kubaai / Spinnerei

Title: Bridges

Wooden sculpture

Photo  © Joop van Reeken

“My theme is building bridges. My work is meant to show that deep rifts exist and are being drawn in parts of our society. Our world is drifting away between people, the individual is the measure of all things. The words solidarity and cooperation have almost disappeared in everyday use of language.” With these compelling words, the Bocholt artist Georg Paar introduces his project.

For him, it was very important that the wooden sculpture, which he created using traditional sculptural techniques, also shows bridges. “Wandering in unknown terrain, you come to a river that you cannot cross without getting your feet wet. Immediately the reflex is there, how do I overcome this obstacle? What are the possibilities, how do I reach the other side, how do I overcome this hurdle, practically and/or mentally? That is my theme! Everyone who has dealt with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. knows what kind of obstacles and hurdles they are. Bypassing obstacles and hurdles, finding another (!) way over the river/influence of false reports, opinions, lies – that’s what I want to show with my work. Building bridges!”

It is precisely these thoughts that Georg Paar lets us see – and feel – in his approx. 110 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm object made of pine wood, as many a visitor was also allowed to stroke the wood with their hand. During the workshop period, one could very well witness how the artist cut trenches into the wood … and how he made the bridges visible: overcoming those divisions to the other person.


21.09.21: Schönheit im Detail! Foto: Joop van Reeken

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