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Multimedia, game, video art

Artist: Kazimieras Šalčiūnas

Naujoji Akmenė, Lithuania (twin town Bocholt)

Video art, music, dance, games, conceptual art



Excerpts from the project idea:

“Project purpose: Main reason to show the younger generation of Bocholt about natural life activities and joys in their familiar game idea model and to express myself as an artist in this particular way. At  OPEN SPACES 800 I carry out an ongoing GODL project series in Bocholt city and as result publish video artwork in workshop area and on YouTube video for global observation of the Bocholt city.

Project idea name and synonyms: GODL – Gamer on dream life. Synonyms: go dream life – go dreamland, O – ON/OFF, O circle, God is life, gold.

‘Video music game’: mixed genre, multimedia video art. It contains five layers: GODL matrix game UI – user interface. All video visual effects look like a video game in the real world. Performances in video by Kazimieras Šalčiūnas as PLAYER 1 (video game character) in dreamland – real world encounter. Adaptive music background. Narrator tells what PLAYER 1 is thinking at the video moment. Off-line pop-up mini clips during video.

Story: PLAYER 1 goes out from the cave (Plato’s Allegory of the cave) and follows the circle sign O (intention – vision – intuition) which is in the video as a quest mark for a video game character. PLAYER 1 by doing quests, gets achievements, improves his skills, explores the world. In parallel he asks deep questions about life, purpose, consciousness, relationships etc.

Publicity: Project planning to start before OPEN SPACES 800, start as a YouTube platform series. It will get attention before OPEN SPACES 800, will purify and get better shape until September 2021.”

Photo © Kazimieras Šalčiūnas
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