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Painting, mixed techniques

Artist: Thea Zweerink

Varsseveld, The Netherlands (befriended border area Bocholt)

Painting, drawing, graphics, mixed techniques, installation


Excerpts from the project idea:

“The people of Bocholt – past, present and future.

As an artist, I mostly paint people, people from the past, people who live nowadays. Every face is completely different.

In the 800 years of the town’s existence, many different people lived in Bocholt. In each time people looked different, the clothes, the appearance and the look in their eyes. I would like to collect photos of them, e.g. in the town archives or from an association that knows about the past.

Example of the past: Joseph Diepenbrock.

The people as they look today: I meet these people in the city, on the street.

But the person in the future, what are the characteristics of these people?

My idea is: I make 3 large paintings (each approx. 180×120 cm) with people from the three times who have all lived in Bocholt. I have yet to meet the people of today in BOH. In the period before September, I’ll do research on the people in Bocholt.”

Photo © Gerard Mülradt
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