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Large format painting

Artist: Marco Büning

Bocholt, Germany




Excerpts from the project idea:

“For the project OPEN SPACES 800 I would make a large-format work, at least 2 x 2 m, on canvas. My artworks, especially when I work abstractly, are created freely, I let myself be guided by my intuition, but of course I make reference to the theme. (…) the work depends very much on the place of origin, on fellow artists, on visitors, on conversations and on the current socio-cultural, political, the economic and social situation of our city, our country and our world.

Bocholt is my home, I love this city, I love the people, I love our language. For me, there is almost nothing better than walking through the weekly market in the morning. In spring there is the scent of strawberries and flowers, people chat, people greet each other. My studio is in the middle of the city centre. Bocholt themes find their way into my work every day. I am used to dealing artistically with this city, with its people, with its past, with its future, but above all with its present.

What I can promise myself, but also the visitors, is that even with my thoroughly critical view of our homeland, every brushstroke will be a declaration of love for our city with its little river, its little houses, its little woods and its people.”

Photo © Marco Büning

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