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Object art

Artist: Anneke Savert

Arnhem, The Netherlands

Installation, photography, video


Excerpts from the project idea:

“In my work the history, the developments in time, and how this influences the lives of human beings, have a crucial role. Home, being at home, migration and identity are the main themes. Home as the place where you are familiar with, where you grew up and feel safe. The loss of a home is as the loss of a fundamental base, sometimes even losing a piece of one’s identity.

My work tells stories on loss, but more important, also on power, isolation and alienation when one is forced to rebuild a new existence from scratch. Through this project I like to recreate a piece of home for people from the town of Bocholt, to give them back a tiny piece of their trusted experience they lost in the past. Presented together, they will show part of the home (Heimat) of these citizens.

Starting the project with the question: ‘Recreate an object from the past’, I would like to ask people if they can describe an object from the time of their youth that they unfortunately lost, but that has been of great importance. (…) ‘Describe a lost object from your past that has been of great importance, how did it look (material, color, size and so on)? Why has this object been of such a great importance to you? What is the story behind? How did it get lost?’

From all the descriptions I would choose about 10, that is feasible during the workshop time. Then translate the stories into 3D objects again and in this way transform the memories into real objects in the present. In the workshop I will work with metal/electric wire to recreate the objects from the people their stories. Depending on the stories I get, I will work with wax over the objects. My goal is to present the objects together at the end of the working period.”

Photo © Anneke Savert
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