Savert, Anneke2022-01-07T17:14:03+01:00


Arnhem, The Netherlands

Installation, photography, video

Workshop Space: Spinnerei

Title: Stories (lost – found)

Object art

Photo © Joop van Reeken

“History and developments in time, and how they influence people’s lives, play a crucial role in my work.  Home, being at home, migration and identity are the main themes. Home as the place you are familiar with, where you grew up and feel safe. The loss of home is like the loss of a fundamental basis, sometimes even the loss of a piece of one’s identity,” Anneke Savert describes her artistic-creative starting point.

For the art project OPEN SPACES 800, the Dutch artist also chose the theme of “loss” – a word that encompasses an endless number of meanings. It can be the loss of a feeling, an experience, but can also mean just losing a toy or a beautiful necklace: “With this project, I want to recreate a piece of home for people from the city of Bocholt, and give them back a small piece of their familiar world of experience that they lost in the past.”

For this purpose, Anneke Savert invited the inhabitants of the city of Bocholt to take part in this project. Interested people should email to the artist stories regarding objects they still miss today, even if they seem unimportant to others. Anneke Savert chose a number of these stories, which she transformed into 3D objects formed from wire and covered with wax at the end. Visitors could not only follow the development, even the reawakening of the “old-new” object (bending and joining of the wires, preparing hot liquid wax, coating of the wires with wax), but also read the stories behind it: a lost teddy bear or a missing music cassette…

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