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Large format picture-text-collage

Artist: Klaus Cordes

Bocholt, Germany

Word and picture collages


Excerpts from the project idea:

“Picture-text collages on Bocholt 2222 (1000 years of Bocholt): Picture collages as illustrations of texts of different text types (prose/lyrics in present-day making and experimental procedures of a possible future).

Texts: ‘What will Bocholt look like in 2222?’

Images as well as texts are thus utopian and dystopian in nature. They fit into the concept of OPEN SPACES through the space-time perspective of possible urban developments (towards more/less/different/nothing).

The pictures, perhaps a dozen, possibly more, will not exceed DIN-A-4 format in the original. Colour copies (DIN-A-2 or DIN-A-1) will serve exhibition purposes. The texts will be partly based on survey results (‘What will Bocholt look like in 2222?’), partly on my own ideas and, like the pictures, will have the character of a collage. Images and texts are closely related in form and content.”

Photo © Marco Büning
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