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Embossed printing

Artist: Anabell Weinen

Bocholt, Germany

Painting, printing, empossed printing


from the project idea:

“’Please touch’: My concept is to make existing works of art ‘tangible’ for people with visual impairments or blind people. In cooperation with Mr. Jochen (chairman of the BSVW – Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Westfalen e.V.), I create a detailed picture description to give the visually impaired ‘viewer’ a good idea of the artwork. This collaboration opens up a whole new perspective for me and enables an interesting and varied exchange between visually impaired and seeing people.

In order to establish a direct connection to the city of Bocholt, I would like to deal with the art of the Bocholt painter and graphic artist Josef Fenneker and the engraver Israhel van Meckenem the Younger, making it possible for blind people to experience some of the works of art.

The dimensions of the respective picture should retain the dimensions of the original artwork so that people can grasp the scale of the artwork. The Braille picture should contain and show everything that is depicted on the original and the words, sentences and/or sentence fragments will be placed on the surface where the things described were painted on the original picture.

In order to make the works as readable as possible for all people, I resort to a metal or plastic foil for the foreseen typeface in this case, as anything else would wear out much too quickly when read (and touched) and thus make the picture illegible. My pictures should, if possible, all be completely white, just as a braille text on paper would be. The shadows cast by the braille dots and the pedestals should also create an exciting picture for the sighted viewer.”

Photo (sketch) © Anabell Weinen
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