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Outdoor installation

Artist: Wilhelmina Nellie van Ravenhorst

Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Installation and visual art

Workshop/Exhibition-SPACE: KUBAAI GROUNDS

Excerpts from the project idea:

“Space is our stage. There’s lots of it, it’s everywhere, and it’s infinite. But there is so much space. Look at nature, take the spider. It builds its home in the vast amounts of space we take for granted. The corners in rooms, those sections of space we have carved out for ourselves. So space is our stage. Space is our canvas. It’s what we’ve got to work with. But no one likes a blanc canvas. So what do we do with it. We connect with our surroundings, with others, and by reflecting, we connect to open space. This way, we are constantly building structures, shaping space. And the form this process takes is what shapes the reality we inhabit.

Unsurprisingly, a very good way to illustrate this, is creating a spiderweb. In an attempt to visualize this existential process and at the same time to enact, to perform so to speak, this process, I create spiderwebs. These webs are made out of exactly one single thread, which I weave in and out of its surrounding space and itself. Creating in the process a certain shape.

Bocholt is one of these webs. The connections are everywhere. Nature and culture are also connected within and around Bocholt, for example by the many bike-paths. But to its residents, it is also an active place (process) of coexistence and living together, as well as a home, a place of refuge. The spiderweb works as an illustration of all of these different facets that make up a space, a city over time.

The thread used will of course immediately remind people of the textile industry, where cotton threads were weaved into cotton cloth. The web will connect both locations of the Textile Museum and the KuBAai site. On top of that, one part of it will be pointing towards the Kunsthaus, and at the Kunsthaus, it would then continue from outside to inside. This way, the web would connect not only the different Space 800 locations, but also the city centre with the former industrial area, the outside with the inside space, as well as the past with the present and the future.”

Photo (sketch) © Wilhelmina Nellie van Ravenhorst
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